Ebikes vs national parks

So this post is for my mom and anyone who has a disability and needs to use a ebike to be able to ride.

Last year my dad and I bought my mother this Sondors folding ebike so she could ride with us. She has had over 20 surgeries over the years and several of them have been on her knees. She has had a real drive to get back into cycling but without an ebike she can only ride a short distance. Needless to say getting her an ebike was a real game changer.  So they decided to go up to Acadia National Park to do some camping and riding.

Everything seemed to be going well my mom called me saying how much she loved her new Sondors. Until she came across a park ranger.

Now I'm not bashing park rangers here I know they have a job to do. 

The ranger told my mom that ebikes are not allowed! And there is a fine for using one. The man was apparently cool and let her go with out a fine. But this also brought and end to there fun on bikes in the park. 

I'm kinda confused and annoyed that there are restrictions such as these even exist.  In a time where parks are being closed for any reason. You would think that people riding ebikes were the least of there problems. I know that there are probably some punk kids that tore up the trail at one point with some ebikes. These people should be fined on their

behavior. Not just assume that the ebikes were a potential problem because of there motor power and ban them from the park. They should just ban irresponsible people from the park. Someone needs to have a little more sense before making these rules that may spoil it for people who are disabled and need the assistance of a electric motor to enjoy the experience.  It would be the same as a restaurant with out a handicap ramp saying to someone who can't walk. " well you can come in and eat, if you can walk up the stairs". 

Anyway I'm curious to find out how many parks are like this. I plan on putting it out there for people who ride ebikes or are thinking about getting one and using it at a national park.  


Scott MullerComment