TRIP OF THE MONTH! Bar Harbor, Maine to Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia

I am very excited  to announce the first trip of the month ! This is also my next tour. Along with this being a international visit. It is also going to incorporate a ferry ride!!! Yes, I am finally going to use the Cat!

For those of you unfamiliar with the the area. The Cat is a very cool catamaran ferry that sails between Bar Harbor, Maine and Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.

This is planned as a 4 day trip. However, it can easily be altered slightly to accommodate other camping/tourism options.  

Day 1  

Driving to Bar Habor to catch the 3pm ferry to Yarmouth, NS. The trip is about 3hours long, which puts us in at or around 6pm. We will then ride about 30 miles to camp. We may choose NOT to wild camp this night because we are unfamiliar with their customs on this subject. But depending on how long we choose to ride into the evening, we may not have a choice. 

Day 2

We will push on toward Annapolis Royal stopping at places along the way. The daily mileage for the trip is between 30 and 80 miles. We chose to split the ride into 3 sections, short, medium and long.  This way the second day will be more riding than the first but still have time to check out the sites.  Then finally we will chill out at a reserved camping location. 

Day 3

This will be a longer ride back to Yarmouth, while still enjoying the sites. We won't be grinding out miles to make it back to catch the ferry.  For the ferry leaves only at 9am. No other times does it depart Nova Scotia. So seeing how it will be a bit of a haul, Iwill be reserving a room at a hotel in Yarmouth for the night.  This way we can clean up at the hotel and catch the ferry back to Bar Harbor in the morning.

Day 4

Just ride to the dock have breakfast on the ferry and chill and enjoy the ocean veiws. For once we get to shore it will be a 4 hour drive back home. 

I can't wait! We are going in the fall, which I heard is a really good time to go. Only thing is I wish I could fit more time to tour Nova Scotia. O well maybe I can squeeze in a few more vacation days... 

 Let me know what you think! Send me an email and I can give you access to my route map!

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